Sex Toy Review: SaSi – The Latest and Greatest in Sensual Intelligence

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

This sex toy review was published on around September 22nd 2008, before the website dumped their content. I have reposted it here out of respect for the companies which donated their product, in this case: – JL

These are the days of high technology, instant messaging and instant gratification. Times like these call for vibrators like the SaSi, by Je Joue.

Opening up the packaging of the SaSi Vibrator is about as ‘fancy present new toy joy’ as you can get. The box is absolutely beautiful – you’ll want to save it. Or gift it to a lover or close friend. Once inside the packaging… you have the latest in Sensual Intelligence. Sasi is a customizable vibrator. It remembers what you like with the click of a button, and skips what you don’t. Think Pandora, for all you music buffs who like to find new grooves through a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ vote. The vibrator soon will know just what you like, and deliver your special ‘rub me down’ playlist each time.

The SaSi has two modes. In a Natural Mode SaSi setting, it does exactly what it is told. Choose from five pre-programmed movements, which you can select by navigating to the left or right. (Think finding a track for your favorite album on your iPod.)

“Learn Mode” lets SaSi move from one sassy setting to another, allowing you to try out a bunch of new sensations. If something doesn’t float your boat, skip to the next one; it will remember this and will be less likely to go there in the future. What happens if you really (really) like a movement pattern? Quick! Press the “Don’t Stop” button and glide your way to bliss. The SaSi will remember and will make sure it goes into heavy rotation.

Delicate vibrations are perfect for folks who don’t like overwhelming forced orgasms. Quiet humming vibes are sent through a moving nub that glides up and down, left and right, in curves, in circles, and a hundred of other combinations. The feeling is undoubtedly hot. Think of the tip of a tongue, or a sly finger slid over wet panties. Press the vibe hard against you for a stronger touch. Or let it sit in your crotch with closed legs, or held in place by a tight pair of panties. The toy is sold for foreplay or solo massage, and it works great either way.

SaSi is great for folks who aren’t about penetration, too. And for folks who are, it’s luxurious clitoral foreplay. More than a few erotica fans would enjoy this hands-free vibe between their legs and a good erotica collection in their lap.

The toy is covered with a changeable velvety silky soft thin silicone cover, using the company’s new “SMITTEN” silicone patent pending technology. Because the material is silicone, it’s also non-porous and bacteria resistant (yes, a good reason to keep sex toys clean is to prevent possible infections), and also splash-proof for all you juicy folks out there. You know who you are.

Technology wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t global; SaSi comes with an internationally compatible charger, a charging base and travel carrying bag. Comes in soft Pink, dusty Purple, and matte Black. Je Joue’s SaSi vibrator is only available in the USA at one store: Babeland.

Jiz Lee

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