Sex Toy Review: Taking it to Eleven

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

This sex toy review was published on around September 1st 2008, before the website dumped their content. I have reposted it here out of respect for the companies which donated their product, in this case: – JL 

This is not a sex toy to be taken lightly. The Perfect Eleven is 2.75 pounds of heavy metal that will give you the workout of your life.

Almighty sex toy manufacturer NJoy is internationally known for metal sex toys cast in 316 grade stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror shine. Wands (gorgeous swooping curved dildos) and plugs (shiny butt plugs) are loved throughout the adult industry and are sold at quality sex shops across the globe. When news of the Eleven hit the shelves, a worldly buzz was set in motion. Now, it’s here. Njoy has created an 11” double-sided dildo that goes the distance… and then some!

The large size and weight of the Eleven mean it is not a dildo for first-timers, so here’s a little background about Kegel exercises and stainless steel products.

“Kegels”, as they are affectionately known, are an exercise that contracts and relaxes the pubococcygeus (or “PC”) muscle. If you’re not familiar with this muscle, here’s an easy way to feel it: the next time you pee, stop your urine mid-stream. Stopping your pee is done by contracting your PC muscle. Allowing it to start again it is done by relaxing the muscle. Try it when you are not urinating, and there you go! You can also do it at the office, on the bus… (And you’ll NEVER be bored again, ever!) Benefits include stronger orgasms and a number of other rewards to keep your parts healthy all life-long. Your PC muscles must be at least a tiny bit toned to use this heavy toy. We know that maintaining strong PC muscles is a good idea, period, so try it out!

Stainless steel toys are undeniably firm. They’re not squishy or bendable like silicone dildos, so worth a try if you like a lot of pressure with your penetration. Another notable difference is that metal toys are initially cold to the touch. While getting the toy to body temperature doesn’t take very long and is fun foreplay, you can warm it up under hot water for a few seconds, or make a chilly surprise by wrapping it in a towel and setting it in the freezer for a minute. Regardless of starting temperature, the toy will be smoldering hot after it’s been inside your body. This is one of the sexiest parts about stainless steel toys; after you’ve used it, feel how hot the tip is. Go ahead, it’s amazing.

These toys are completely non-porous so they’re ridiculously easy to clean. Wash with antibacterial soap and you’re done. Don’t use any abrasives as it will dull the mirror polish. Speaking of that shiny surface, the Eleven is so wide, it reflects all the sexy happenings, which are only slightly hotter than the smudged reflections you’ll see later when the toy is cloudily coated by cum and creamy juices.

Like a good mix tape, let’s start with Side A: a heavenly 1.75” girth head with three proficient ridges that effectively stroke the G-Spot. A wide nob shape of the other end makes a great handle. Turn that tape to Side B: What was a perfect handle is now a gorgeous 2” wide smooth shaft which slopes gracefully to a rounded head. The ridges from Side A become handy finger grips that give you a stronger hold. This toy is so heavy that you’ll find it works with gravity (or against it!) like a joy. Pull it out and let gravity slip it back inside. Or, flip over to your knees and try as hard as you can to keep gravity from allowing the Eleven’s heavy weight from causing it to plop down on the mattress.

The Perfect Eleven is fit for a size queen, is built for a sex goddess, and perfect for fans of heavy metal who want to take it up a notch.

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