Sex Toy Review: The Blind Jockey Blindfold

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This sex toy review was published on around September 12th 2008, before the website dumped their content. I have reposted it here out of respect for the companies which donated their product, in this case: – JL

 Place your trust in your partners’ hands, and have no fear about smudging your eye make-up with this ingenious blindfold.

When you’re blindfolded by a lover your remaining senses become exaggerated. Your hearing increases and you soon are very perceptive to the sound of your partner’s footsteps as they lead you to new surprises. Your breath is audible, and as your excitement grows, you may even hear your own heartbeat. Your sense of smell picks up faint scents in the room and you detect the aroma of your partner’s own deliciously arousing scent. Let’s not forget the magical sense of touch. Not knowing what to expect, you may jump at the slightest tickle of warm kisses along your chest or get really hot and bothered by a handful of teasing slaps against your thighs and ass. Being blindfolded is an exhilarating way to build trust with your lover. For the person doing the blindfolding, it’s a new way to take charge and explore your loved one’s deepest erotic desires… or coax them into orgasm as you delicately test their most intimate limitations.

Blindfolding is a part of sensory deprivation and is a way to enhance the body’s remaining senses. Total darkness can make many people have a sense of anxiousness; while this can make them excited, be careful to support their needs by being a vigilant and responsible top. Some people may experience vertigo or feel faint when blinded, so it’s best to play with first-timers already seated or lying down. As the scene comes to an end, don’t forget to let your lovers’ eyes adjust to the light. You can ask them to keep their eyes closed after you’ve taken off the blindfold, or replace the blindfold with your own hand(s) and kiss your partner’s mouth while you slowly spread your fingers and let light fall upon their eyes. Mmmm…

Soft materials work well as blindfolds. Long fabrics like scarves, neckties, handkerchiefs, or carefully positioned thick bands of panties, bras and boxer shorts. However it can take a little finesse to make sure fabrics are secure without being too tight on the eyes, uncomfortable around the hair and ears, or to insure that they are free from covering the nose or mouth. Regular blindfolds can become uncomfortable over time, often putting too much pressure over the wearers’ eyes. This can be particularly troublesome for contact wearers.

Fortunately, the Blind Jockey is at your service.

Sometimes named the ‘Pony Blinder’, this soft, secure blindfold is an invention of pure genius. The friendly folks of Leatherbeaten, creators of the Blind Jockey, were obviously not working in the dark because they understood the importance of a soft and non-itchy interior that allows room for eye comfort. They crafted a slightly conical eye shape which gives the wearer enough room to blink and open their eyes if they wish while in pitch black darkness.

If the lucky person blindfolded is wearing eye make-up, they can rest assured it will not smudge their mascara. People who wear contacts will also be relieved that this blindfold doesn’t press upon the eyelids like regular blindfolds do. The Blind Jockey is a cowhide blindfold that has been cleverly folded and stitched to maintain a firm distance from the eyes. A shearling sheepskin lining around the inside of the eye covering is soft and rests snug on the face without causing any marks. A wide elastic head strap is extremely easy to adjust (between 8″ to 16″) and even holds the blindfold secure enough to a lift dress or undershirt up over the wearers head without disrupting the scene.

Comfortable, secure, and attractive, if you want to add a blindfold to your next steamy date night, look no further than this perfect fit.

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