Sex Toy Sales for Tax Day

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

It’s tax time, and this year is the first time I’ll actually be sitting down and doing itemization for the busy beaver that Jiz Lee was for 2009. I filed an extension so that I can get down to business this time, and may be consulting the smartypants over at Brass Tacks (see my post Brass Tacks: Purveyors of Radical Effectiveness from last year).

If you’ve already done your taxes — good for you — and are ready to celebrate, check out some sales that Sex Toy stores are having. And by clicking the link below to make your purchase, I’ll get an automatic 20% which will definitely help my finances too! Win-win! is having a 15% off sale. This one includes free ground-shipping and their waterproof pearl drop vibe ($8) with orders over $50. No need for a code, but note that the offer does not include gift cards or any kit they sell. Here’s my picks:

Fling Dildo

Droplet Vibe Necklace

Outlaw Dildo

Knock yourself out while browsing toys from these two stores. In the meantime, I’m off to locate all my receipts and get myself organized. This year I think I’ll finally do it! (Or maybe I’ll try a more creative approach like this guy.)

Jiz Lee

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