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My friend Ignacio of Poly Patao Productions will be in San Francisco next weekend (November 19-22nd) to film for a new documentary called “Shades of Kink.”

If you have connections to a Space, Play-space / Dungeon where Poly Patao Productions can film on November 20th and 21st, please let them know. This would be a donated space that would allow them to film interviews and a play party specifically for the documentary.

Ignacio is looking to do a group interview and or smaller one-on-one interviews of Queer Kinky People of Color, and also those who are performance artists whose work expresses Kink, Transness or POC focus.

PLEASE let them know asap:
1. If you can participate
2. What day and time of the day is good for you
3. If you can forward this info via e-mail, text, calling…what ever is clever for you
4. If you know of a space
5. If you would be interested in being filmed at a play party created by us for the Documentary.
6. If you are a performer/ artist

Project Summary: “Shades of Kink” is a documentary featuring individual and group interviews of queer[1] people of color and their race and gender analysis of the kink[2] world in which they navigate.

Goal of “Shades of Kink”:

  • Create a forum for Queers of all races to discuss via a political lens, a racial, class and gender analysis of the Kink world.
  • Show wider issues of government control of bodies specific to individuals who identify as queer and kinky.
  • Delve into the internal racism and transphobia within the kink world.


Ignacio Rivera

Facebook: Ignacio Rivera
Fetlife: Papí_Coxxx

[1] Queer(s) for the purposes of this project description is pertaining to lesbian, gay, bisexual and all transgender, gender variant or gender non-conforming individuals

[2] Kink, in this context, acting as an umbrella term that encompasses many things, including but not limited to polyamory, BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, sadomasochism) practitioner, fetish, Leather, Non-vanilla player, etc

Jiz Lee

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