Shrink Wrapped Karma Pervs for Planned Parenthood

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Karma Pervs

I fell in love with Photographer Hal’s shrink-wrapped couples. The love became a Tweet, and the Tweet was replied to by my friend JT who is quite possibly the world’s most ingenious photographer.

JT went to the hardware store and built a wickedly smart contraption that damn near sucked the flesh off myself and guest Karma Pervs model Arabelle Raphael.

What does it look like when a porn star or two are slipped into a human-sized sandwhich bag and sucked dry? Sex under glass, shrink-wrapped nudes, bodysuit bags… call us what you like, it came out better than I could have possibly imagined. And what did it feel like? It was exhilarating! Fans of asphyxiation and tight spaces would love it — it’s like holding your breath under the weight of an elephant.


While I tend to fundraise for smaller charities, this Karma Pervs photo set will benefit a national organization: Planned Parenthood.

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Jiz Lee

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