Sneak Peak at Crash Pad Series Volume 2: Unlocked

by Jiz Lee on / Crushes, Queer Porn

PhotobucketI get an email… the Trailers are out for CPS 2.

The best part about Pink & White’s one-of-a-kind queer adult site is that the top episodes of each season come out on DVD for the world to hold in their hands. Beautifully packaged discs holding hot porno treasures. This next one is particularly exciting. It’s got a little more drama, as well as some damn hot scenes. One of them is with a crush of mine, Vai (pictured on the right, image from, who puts ME to shame with her squirting abilities. Girl is like a water balloon. Or like one of those huge gallon water jugs they have in office buildings, and when you try to tip them into their stand, they inevitably dump a small wave over your co-workers shoes. She’s also incredibly sexually spontaneous and cute as a button, including these adorable hiccups she gets. Kinky little cutey pie Vai. (And a real life crush!)

Then there’s the Three-Way with me, Shawn, and Micah Riot. I’m not gonna give away any plot spoilers, but he’s a keeper, that’s for sure. This is the scene in which my `okole (ass) swallowed a butt plug. Gulp. Check the Behind the Scenes. You know, this DVD is like a thick slice of Pink & White Pie. It’s got gender-blurring performers sexing in all kinds of ways, hapa mixed race porn pros, it’s got trans men and trans lady and not to mention a TON of genderfuck(ers). Anal, slapping, Michelle Aston in thick glasses, and Legs. Love Legs.

You ready? The trailer is most definitely a tease:

Funny to those of us who are members of the site, all these amazing episodes seem like forever ago… but to so many folks, they’re brand new and mouthwatering.

Jiz Lee

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