Jiz-Lee-Dallas-Fivestar-SpeakeasyThis is the most beautiful and passionate bondage scene I’ve ever shot. The rope artist is my lover at the time, Dallas Fivestar. The scene was co-directed by Courtney Trouble and Morty Diamond. It’s a slow scene that lingers as Dallas ties me up and is worth the journey. The whole movie won Feminist Porn Awards Best Trans Film.

Description: Detective Billy Castro descends into the world of porn noir as he investigates an underground queer club filled with handsome transmen and femme fatales. While on a stakeout, the private dick witnesses Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar perform passionate suspension with ejaculation, as well as the bartenders tending to each other. After fighting for a chance to dance with the lovely Lorelei Lee, our gumshoe gets more than a mambo during their table-top tryst. Shot on location in an actual speakeasy bar, award-winning director Courtney Trouble worked with videographer Morty Diamond to capture the feel of the 1940s, as well as the queer fetish and fearlessness of our own era.

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