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TrenchCoatX “Gamer Girls” with April O’Neil and Jiz Lee

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn, Watch Online

GAME ON! TrenchCoatX’s video game cosplay with girl gamer April O’Neil!

I’ve been into “curated smut” porn project TrenchCoatX.com from the get-go, championing its uniquely geeky “Squick/Squee” tag system (users toggle specific things they do or don’t want to see), and rejoicing the launch of another successful site where female pornographers especially can profit with risk-taking projects that deviate from traditional expectations. So, when invited to perform in a new TrenchCoatX original production by Kayden Kross, I naturally jumped at the chance. Also? TrenchCoatX respects my gender identity and expression, which to me feels like the future of porn. At least, porn I want to be a part of.

Gamer Girls: Episode 01: Jiz Lee and April O’Neil is the first in a series which casts women who are gamers in real life – in this case, April O’Neil, as I am neither a gamer nor a girl – with various co-stars in clever vignettes. Our ‘video game cum alive’ episode is the first of the series, and I’m legitimately looking forward to the next, so it will be really interesting for people who are really into video games and play games shooter games as Overwatch with the help of sites like overwatchboostpros.com. Here’s our trailer:

Watch FULL VIDEO on TrenchCoatX.com

Gamer Girl April O’Neil has a sexual fixation on her favorite video game character, Jiz. Jiz doesn’t seem to be all that aware of the situation, given the fact that Jiz only lives inside of a digital war zone–but when April presses just the right combination of buttons, Jiz comes to life. Chock-full of sexual metaphors and intensely pleasing gamer fantasy, this scene between Jiz and April will make you wish your screen doubled as a portal, too.

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Special discount! Save 20% off Monthly subscriptions with code: GAMEON. (Good thru October 31st.) While this single scene is $3.99, it’s worth it to become a member so you can also access my other scenes like Graphic Depictions (Stoya’s directorial debut) and Dana Vespoli’s Girl/Boy series, which challenges traditional straight porn. Since TrenchCoatX curates the works of a few alternative directors, you may also see familiar names like Morgana Muses, Aorta Films, a few CrashPad delights, and Chelsea is Femme 4 Femme.

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Dr. Sketchy’s Transmetropolitan – Jiz in my Spider

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Events

This Sunday, February 27th 4PM is the Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School tribute to Transmetropolitan (by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson). I’ll be posing as the main character, the bad ass journalist Spider Jerusalem. My filthy assistant Channon Yarrow is none other than Penthouse babe — and total smarty pants — Ryan Keely. If you’re in NYC come out, come out, come out!

The tribute is in support of the new TRANSMETROPOLITAN charity book, which will benefit a number of comic organizations. Having worked in the past year on my fundraiser porn project “Karma Pervs“, this project is right up my alley. Big thanks to the talented Molly Crabapple for the invitation!

P.S. If Spider had an iPhone, he’d totally have a Bowel Disruptor app…


What a fucking blast that was!

Thank you Mark and Allison for your help preparing me for the event, major thanks to Molly and Jesse, Melissa, and all the other filthy assistants! I was blown away by Dr. Sketchy’s and hope to return to pose again soon… and actually… some scheming is in the works so cross your fingers for May. 🙂

Here’s some behind the scenes photos of Molly, Jesse and her art team getting me Spider’d up.

One of the best parts of the event was a surprise I slung at Dr. Sketchy’s artists. See, I was kind of curious about what kind of tattoo Spider would have on his dick. A Transmet fan on Twitter, EducatedApe, shared quotes including:

“I think he’s going to try and get someone to read the tattoo on his penis again. He’s convinced it reads READ MY SCRIPTURE: I WILL NEVER ABANDON THE CITY I LOVE but everyone forced to see it claims that it says RAT, and even then only if you squat and give the wrinkle the benefit of the doubt.”

So with one of Vixen Creations’ *fantastic* dildos, we wrote this on the cock, and it was awarded to a talented artist who drew me and Ryan Keely’s comic recreation. (Also of note that the Commando strap-on harness I wore is from ASLAN Leather, and the packing jockstrap is a soon-to-be-available product from Spareparts!

For more photos, check out drsketchy.com and also animalnewyork.com.

Here’s a gallery of some of the images sent to me by artists. Thank you: Gelly, Jus, and Bef with an F.

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