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I’m back on CrashPad for a special episode… TRAINING DAY!

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn

Can you believe it’s been almost five years since I’ve performed on CrashPadSeries.com? That’s almost an eternity in porn-years!

I’ve had good times at CrashPad, including CrashPad’s 100th episode co-starring Nina Hartley, easily one of the most prolific and hard-working stars in the business. And there was the time I celebrated my 30th birthday “dirty thirty” with a 30-person orgy. (Just wait for my 40th!)

When I began working more hours at Pink & White Productions, quitting my day job to go behind the scenes to promote Shine Louise Houston’s projects, I decided to take a back seat from shooting for the company’s most popular website. I’ve had many careers in my life, each finding ‘burn out’ and I’m learning how to not overdo it. So I wanted to give myself space within straddling work both in front of and behind the camera.

Jiz Lee, Nikki Darling, CrashPadSeries
Shine Louise Houston, AJApornfilms, Nikki Darling and I review the script. Photo: Brian Churchwell/Xpress

However, this year is a special exception because it is my 10th in porn. (TEN!) Shine asked me if I’d be interested in performing for the special episode, one that was the result of a script-writing contest collaboration with New York Toy Collective. The winning script was the perfect blend of jock and comedy, so I decided to break the hiatus for this unique opportunity. Also, it was the perfect opportunity to work with Nikki Darling!

Jiz Lee and Nikki Darling on CrashPadSeries.com
Ugggggghhhhh we’re so cute! Photo: CrashPadSeries.com

CrashPad generally asks performers to create the scripts, but will occasionally have special episodes, such as PUT the NEEDLE on the RECORD, The Boss, and our first sex-ed short film, CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting. These are filmed in about 5-6 hours and involve a script with original stories usually created by Shine, with the exception of OCCUPIED (concept by Drew DeVeaux) and TRAINING DAY (the winning script was written by Treasure, selected by Shine with the help of our panel of judges — Tristan Taormino, Coyote Days, Sex Nerd Sandra, Sara Vibes, Tobi Hill-Meyer, and James Darling).

Training Day CrashPad photo Shine Louise Houston, Jiz Lee, Nikki Darling, Treasure
Shine, Nikki, and I pose with script winner, Treasure!

When I invited Nikki to perform with me, we had originally planned that I would play the Trainer and she would play the Trainee, but things came up last minute so we had to switch roles. Of course, I don’t mind bottoming and was happy to take one for the team! Nikki is an absolute dream to shoot with and if you want to see more of her work after watching TRAINING DAY, check out her other episodes on CrashPadSeries.com and follow her on Twitter where she shares her newest performances.

I almost forgot: If you’re not a member of CrashPad yet, now is the time to sign up. Use code “CYBERMONDAY” when you join to get 15% off ANY level of membership and lock in that good deal for over 200 episodes, behind the scenes video interviews, and other special films. Help support queer-made pornography and my work! 🙂

Jiz Lee and Nikki Darling on CrashPadSeries.com
I do have the best job ever! Photo: CrashPadSeries.com

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PornFilmFest Berlin 2013

by Jiz Lee on / iPhoneography

I’m off to Europe for PornFilmFest Berlin 2013!

Berlin’s annual porn festival is a really place. The last time I attended, over 140 films were shown over the course of several days and in multiple theaters. I expect there will be at least that many this time around. There’s an incredible diverse selection of films presented. Really experimental artporn, oddball pervy comedy, exquisite foreign sex movies, and even animation. Gay animated porn from the 70’s? Yep. All that and then some!

The audience who attends the festival is a mixture of directors, performers, and open-minded individuals, all curious about how we use film to represent ourselves as sexual beings. I always learn a great deal through conversations with people at the festival, and I’m looking forward to continuing the discussion this year when I return.

And it will be a busy trip. I’m featured in a “Performer in Focus” event, where I’ll be screening JUSTIFY MY JIZ, GIRL/BOY, and select clips from CrashPadSeries.com. It will be followed by a Q&A, and I’ll look forward to sharing my thoughts about my more recent work with the audience.

I’ll also be featured in DEAR JIZ (Ms Naughty), and Mommy is Coming (Cheryl Dunye) will screen again this year due to popular demand. I also have a small cameo in Valencia: The Movie/s which will screen. Finally, I’ll be leading a workshop this year, “FUCKING FOR REEL: How to Have “Real Sex” in Porn.” Recently there’s been a lot of talk about “real sex vs porn” — I want to approach this idea on a practical level, and really dig in to the performative aspects of having pleasurable sex for the camera. (Registration info)

I’ll be busy around the UK and Germany before and after the festival with some shoots. I wont say too much as to not spoil some of the surprises, but I’ll be posting on social networks from the road so stay tuned to my @jizlee Twitter feed for updates and sneak peeks. (I will say this: I just can’t seem to get enough of Wolf Hudson!)

Here’s my planned schedule for PornFilmFest Berlin.

Wednesday, October 23rd
Mommy Is Coming (11:15am)
KINK (8:30pm) – Followed by Q&A with Kink.com performers Wolf Hudson, Aiden Starr, and Jiz Lee

Thursday, October 24th
Lesbian Pain – OCCUPIED (11pm) – Jiz Lee  in attendance *I was the film’s production assistant, and will be representing on behalf of Pink & White Productions.

Friday, October 25th
Performer in Focus: Jiz Lee (4:30pm)

Saturday, October 26th
Workshop – FUCKING FOR REEL: How to Have “Real Sex” in Porn (2pm)
Lesbian Shorts – DEAR JIZ (5:15) – Jiz Lee in attendance (I’m not sure why it was put in “lesbian”…)

For more information, see the Festival Program. Here’s the schedule Timetable.)

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