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Pornography in Helsinki: WONDERLUST Festival of Diverse, Conscious Sex

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn

I’m off for Finland tomorrow to appear as a special guest June 13-14 at WONDERLUST, a new “diverse and conscious sex” festival in Helsinki, Finland.

While there, I’ll present an evening of short films I’ve curated (Spectacular Porn) and my workshop (Fucking for REEL). I’ve presented versions of the workshop at http://www.sexdatingapps.com and Princeton University, and am excited to bring it to Finland’s new festival.

“We grew up thinking that the sexual revolution is a historical event, yet now recognize that it is an ongoing process instead.” – Wonderlust

When we watch sexual media, we can learn much about other people’s sexuality, and ourselves. In “Watch & Learn”, we’ll observe diverse sexual scenarios that span age, ability, gender, sexuality, and film genre — from documentary to sex guide, mainstream gonzo, queer indie porn, and music video. As a film genre, pornography can take us into fantasy realms exploring sexuality in deep ways. How does a film portray a relationship? Can a script create characters to safely break cultural taboo? What is the connection between sex and violence, and, how can porn heal traumatic experiences? This screening will contrast portrayals of real couples with those in fictitious relationships. Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A moderated by Marjo Pipinen.

I love the inquisitive, open-minded nature of WonderLust. Here’s a quote from their FAQ about what “Conscious Sex” means to them.

What is conscious sexuality? 

With this term we want to suggest intelligent and reflective approach to sexuality. We want to encourage discussion and experimentation on what sex could be for each individual and inspire more ‘do it yourself ’ mentality. We wish to emphasise, that anyone is free to explore their own sexuality and desires, without necessarily following any pre-determined norms.

Curating films is HARD. There’s too much porn, too little time! Papers could be written about why I chose what I did and not other films alone. At the end of the day, while not everything could be included, I decided to choose films that were easy for me to contact and obtain permissions, spanning indie shorts and Feminist Porn Award-winning titles from PinkLabel.tv’s curated selection of films, including Shine Louise Houston (BED PARTY, CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting), N Maxwell Lander (Emile, 98bit), Tobi Hill-Meyer (Doing it Again), Sadie Lune (Baby, You’re Frozen), and which I’ve come across at festivals or online such as Bruce LaBruce’s Offing Jack, Clark Matthew’s KRUTCH, Marc Silver’s Ageless Sex, Danny Wylde’s This is Love. Then there’s a few I’m in as a performer. For this screening, I’ve selected behind the scenes footage from CrashPadSeries.com, as well as Courtney Trouble’s Going Here, Dana Vespoli’s Girl/Boy. Christian Slaughter’s BIODILDO, Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Pegging, and Cheryl Dunye (Mommy is Coming).

Find more information and tickets online at wonderlust.fi. The venue is wheelchair accessible; please contact wonderlusthelsinki@gmail.com or phone 0449715285 for assistance. Here’s the some press around the festival, so far on Nyt and Sylvi, and more to come!



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5 Cool Things

by Jiz Lee on / Books, Erotica & Anthologies, Sex Toys

Here are five cool things I want to share with you. Some of them were given to me, some of them I bought for myself. All were cool enough that I just had to share.

1. THIS IS LOVE Indie Porn

THIS is a punk as fuck independent production by Danny Wylde, who IS a seriously kickass porn hellion, and I LOVE it!

Tormented by an abusive partner, our star takes matters into his own hands and turns the camera on his own petite morte. It’s short, graphic, and I want more. Contact Danny directly to drop your pennies directly into the hands of the next porn is the new punk generation.

Best part? It was sent to me as in a thumb drive and felt like a piece of the storyline.

[Buy it]

2. Girlvert: a Porno Memoir

The porn memoir of Ashley Blue aka Ori Small, Girlvert is pretty much the opposite experience I’ve had in porn. Which might be why it is incredibly fascinating to me.

The adult industry stories I’ve seen usually come off like pity porn: based-on-a-true-story portrayals of voiceless female victims in situations fabricated beyond reality. So it’s refreshing to read an explicitly honest and almost candid, diary-like account by one of the biggest and dirtiest names in the biz, and have it actually sound human.

[Read it]

3. RodeoH Strap-on Harness

There’s many kinds of strap-on harnesses out there, but if you’re looking for comfort it’d be RodeoH’s underwear-styled creation. If there was one specifically built for snuggling and smoochy, under-the-covers loving, it’d be this underwear-styled creation. Lighter than it’s hardcore leather counterparts (which are best utilized in heavy cock-slinging and vigorous bucking), these undies are perfect for smaller dildos and closer grinding”big spoon” grinding.

And yes, that’s a rare home-shot pic of me wearing it (thanks MeE) with a black Silk 2 Dildo.

[Wear it]


Kudos to Buck Angel on his latest release which is billed as “the most progressive sex education film ever made”, and I believe it. Buck interviews four charismatic guys (including queer porn’s James Darling!), then films their masturbation sessions with gonzo camerawork and a great soundtrack. The result is a sexy and accessible display of personal histories and solo sex techniques that is as revolutionary as it is hot. A bonus scene includes Buck with mega-hottie Fallen, who I NEED to see more of. I’m crossing my fingers for a sequel that might feature Fallen, other transguys of color, size, and more diversity within trans experiences (hint). With it’s documentary counterpart, SEXING THE TRANSMAN XXX is a porn whose time has come.

[Watch it]

5. Take Me There: Trans and GenderQueer Erotica

It feels so good to have an erotica book where genderqueer is the norm. Take Me There is an anthology of trans and genderqueer erotica, edited by Tristan Taormino and including beloved authors such as Kate Bornstein (Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation), Patrick Califia (Speaking Sex to Power), S. Bear Bergman (Butch is a Noun), Ivan Coyote (Missed Her), Julia Serrano (Whipping Girl), Laura Antoniou (The Marketplace), Rachel Kramer Bussel (Gotta Have It), Tobi Hill-Meyer, Sinclair Sexsmith, and more. I’m also very proud to have been an advanced praise reviewer, along with Mx Justin Vivian BondSusan StrykerBuck Angel, and others. It’s a truly beautiful book.

[Go Here to Take Me There]

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