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SNAPSHOT: Shine Louise Houston’s New Queer Porn Noir

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Shine Louise Houston, director of Pink & White Productions (CrashPad, CHAMPION), is producing her next feature film!

SNAPSHOT is an erotic suspense thriller starring queer women of color. It’s a feature film, with explicit sex. “Queer Porn Noir!” The film is as much of a murder mystery, as it is a coming out story. Filming takes place in San Francisco this summer. We need everyone’s support to produce it.

Producing it independently (through our crowdfunding campaign), means Shine will have control over casting, distribution, and more time for editing and polishing the final product. SNAPSHOT is going to be an absolutely beautiful, pivotal film. If CrashPad or Shine’s other films — or any of my work — have touched you, then you know how important it is that we make this film.

Working behind the scenes for Pink & White means that between now and July 1st, I will be living inside this fundraiser. Working so closely on a project I’m passionate is about is an odd mixture of excitement and stress. I’m learning that the trick is to keep it fun.

Luckily, there’s lots of fun to be had in the donation reward perks. Including… I’m offering a FLASH “Thank You” pic, lending my belly to the cause!


I’ll write your name (or your company) on my belly and post it on social media. (Makes a great anniversary gift!;-) ) You can get this perk for $50, or with any donation larger than $50. Just let me know you want it.

I recommend getting your name in the film credits. How cool is that!?

Want to get even more involved? Shine and I are looking for companies who would like to sponsor the film for $1000 and $5000 packages. We’ll add logos in the film opening/closing credits, as well as product placement and other advertising incentives. Is this you? Can you recommend a company? (Let us know, or give us suggestions or comments about the perks via this quick survey (expired).)

Finally, help us get the word out — write about the campaign and interview Shine about her film. Spread the word on social media. Word is gold!

>> Donate at IndieGoGo

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Porno Weekend Extravaganza

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Dallas Crash Pad Series Queer Porn Pink & White ProductionsWhen it rains, it porns.

Work doesn’t come too often for a genderqueer dyke/fag pornstar who doesn’t like to shave.
So imagine my surprise to book not one but TWO porno shoots this weekend.


The first is with Pink & White Productions for CrashPadSeries.com. And guess who’s the lucky one? I am!! Okay, okay, besides me

Dallas! I’m so excited, I have visions of sweet rough housing and deep kisses and maybe even a rope dildo if there’s time… Oh geez I can’t wait. I absolutely adored her in the previous two episodes of the website, one with Vai and the other with my partner Shawn — if that ain’t the hottest shit in the world, I dunno what is.


I drown on drool, and soon can’t tell what part of me is wetter, head or tails.

[insert goofy pervy grin here]

Ashley Fontenot Selina RavinThe OTHER shoot is for Madison Young’s new video line via Madison Bound Productions that she’s been filming under the distributor Abigail Productions/Girlfriends Films. I shot a film recently with co-stars Dylan Ryan and Lorelei Lee, and another film with Shawn that I just can’t wait to get my hands on. This next one scheduled for this weekend has me paired with a fierce queer dom by the name of Selina Raven, and I’m sexily anxious.

Though this film wont be nearly as S/M as the mistress’s likes are described on her website, I’ve been using the site as homework. She takes her stuff seriously and I feel honored to be paired up with her. This is my favorite picture, found on SelinaRaven.com photo credit by Ashley Fontenot. I like it because it makes me think of big circus cats; only in this photo, the cat and the trainer are reversed. She seems nice. I particularly like the way she describes her profession/lifestyle/passion on her site. I have a feeling this could be a really good pairing. Okay, so maybe I’ll trim a little, just for her. ; )

I’ll let you know how it goes… go pussy go!

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