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Ask a Porn Star: Jiz Lee Spotlight on Erika Moen’s OhJoySexToy!

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Goals and Ideas

Great news! I’ve been invited to be featured on the awesome sex-education comic & sex toy review site, OhJoySexToy.com, created by Erika Moen with help from her devastatingly handsome husband, Matthew Nolan. (You may remember Erika did my awesome holiday card last year, and did a queer porn comic review of CrashPad!)

The new comic  is “Ask a Porn Star” and will include luminary lovelies such as Stoya! I’m thrilled to be included, and even more so because it includes you, too.


You ask in a bunch of different public and private ways:

  • Below, in the comments
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (Follow me!)
  • Email me jiz@jizlee.com

Don’t be shy. I’m NICE! Plus, no question is too silly and ALL questions will be used to help me brainstorm responses, which I’ll send on over to Erika to be drawn up in comic form for the site and posted sometime in 2014. So… ask away!

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