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Oh Joy Sex Questions! I Answered Erika Moen’s “Ask a Porn Star”

by Jiz Lee on / Art

Queer comic artist Erika Moen invited me to answer questions in her “Ask a Porn Star” feature on her amaaazing site, OhJoySexToy.com. And I get to share it with you! Tadaaa!

Erika Moen Oh Joy Sex Toy Jiz Lee Ask a Porn Star Comic

Looking for Links? I mention the G-Swirl, harnesses from makers like ASLAN, SpareParts, and Cherry Bombin’, and shops like Good Vibrations. See more fantastic shops and products on my sex toys page. You can see more of my work at places like CrashPadSeries.com (where I also work behind the scenes) and the fair-trade porn site PinkLabel.tv where you can watch me and Wolf Hudson in “Justify My Jiz.” (By the way, purchases through these links help to support me and keep us going.)

P.S. When I asked you all for some questions, I got a BUNCH but most required answers too long for comic form… I’ll answer them in separate blog posts soon. And if you missed the chance, just click http://www.sexdatingapps.com/sugar-daddy-dating/established-men/!

P.Sx2 If you want to share the comic – and we hope you do! — please use good web etiquette and don’t steal this image. Instead, just link to this page. Or to Erika‘s. We both benefit from the traffic and sales like the links above that support us. Thanks for respecting indie artists!

P.Sx3 I have to give a shout out to queer, trans grrrl porn performer Emma Claire, from whom I first heard the perfect and adorable term “fleshy bits.” LOVE.

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A Sexy DUET: Crowdfunding & High Design Sex Toys

by Jiz Lee on / Geek, Sex Toys

Some of my all-time favorites are merged in this project.

The first is Ti Chang, designer of INCOQNITO (who made the Vibrating Droplet Necklace I wore to my first appearance at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, and the Blade Necklace I gifted to Courtney Trouble for the next trip). Ti’s designs are simply gorgeous and it really impressed me to have her company supporting queer porn and my work!

The next two are given favorites of mine: gadgets and crowd-sourced funding. Ti’s newest project is CRAVE, a design-centered brand devoted to creating discreet, modern toys is doing a crowd-sourcing project through CKIE to fund their luxury USB-vibe DUET. I might be wrong, but I think this is the first time a sex toy company has embraced crowdfunding towards production. I dig it. It’s a beautifully transparent effort seeped in community building, and participating early insures a great deal and first dibbs on the toy! Join the movement!

Purchase a DUET on CKIE for yourself or a loved one at a great deal, and be the first to own one!

Share and spread the word about the project. You can also like Crave on Facebook and followcrave it on Twitter.

Here’s Ti, with more about the DUET:

UPDATE: The project initially sought $15,000 fundings via pledges and rewards, but found that an overwhelming response in the first 48-hours led to full fundings, and it currently stands at $86,628 with 767 backers – 578% funded. Amazing! It’s not too late to contribute for the discounted vibe AND a Founders Card which grants you 20% off all the company’s future products.

“As a gesture of appreciation for the unconditional support that CKIE backers have shown, all folks who have pledged $75 or more, automatically gain membership to the Crave Founders Card! A card that will entitle you to a lifetime discount of 20% on all future purchases of Crave products, made directly from them.” – YankDesign.com

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