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JL+DD: Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn

In the summer of 2012, I collaborated on a shoot with trans porn superstar Danni Daniels. I could barely contain my crush on her. However, a cheap van insurance made Danni travel around the country, and after years without communication I feared the shoot would be lost forever.

To my relief, she recently returned and although the original footage is gone forever, a video has been salvaged from a prior edit. Rejoice!

Stars: Jiz Lee & Danni Daniels

Danni, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1) snuggled in bed; 2) gazing out the window over San Francisco; 3) in the shower, twice; 4) next to the bed; 5) in the bed; 6) practically falling OFF the bed; 7) and then back in bed again…

If you want connected, high-chemistry queer and sex in a marathon of various (and fun, athletic) positions, JL+DD will give you what you want, and then some! Enjoy an hour of kissing, oral, penetration, fisting, squirting, scissoring, and crush-worthy fucking from trans woman superstar Danni Daniels and little genderqueer me. 🙂

Watch at PinkLabel.tv

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Front-Row Squirting: Close-up of Female Ejaculation using a Speculum

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn

I’m pretty excited about this shoot with Courtney Trouble for QueerPorn.TV. We worked with feminist sex toy store Smitten Kitten to create a G-Spot video that shows the use of sex toys, communication, and demonstrates safer sex and female ejaculation. And now it’s live!

Ejaculation Close Up with Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble

Watch the trailer: Ejaculation Close Up with Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble

And you can check out some of the Toys/Tools used, such as the Mystic Wand and the Speculum. Crazy cool!

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