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TrenchCoatX “Gamer Girls” with April O’Neil and Jiz Lee

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn, Watch Online

GAME ON! TrenchCoatX’s video game cosplay with girl gamer April O’Neil!

I’ve been into “curated smut” porn project TrenchCoatX.com from the get-go, championing its uniquely geeky “Squick/Squee” tag system (users toggle specific things they do or don’t want to see), and rejoicing the launch of another successful site where female pornographers especially can profit with risk-taking projects that deviate from traditional expectations. So, when invited to perform in a new TrenchCoatX original production by Kayden Kross, I naturally jumped at the chance. Also? TrenchCoatX respects my gender identity and expression, which to me feels like the future of porn. At least, porn I want to be a part of.

Gamer Girls: Episode 01: Jiz Lee and April O’Neil is the first in a series which casts women who are gamers in real life – in this case, April O’Neil, as I am neither a gamer nor a girl – with various co-stars in clever vignettes. Our ‘video game cum alive’ episode is the first of the series, and I’m legitimately looking forward to the next, so it will be really interesting for people who are really into video games and play games shooter games as Overwatch with the help of sites like overwatchboostpros.com. Here’s our trailer:

Watch FULL VIDEO on TrenchCoatX.com

Gamer Girl April O’Neil has a sexual fixation on her favorite video game character, Jiz. Jiz doesn’t seem to be all that aware of the situation, given the fact that Jiz only lives inside of a digital war zone–but when April presses just the right combination of buttons, Jiz comes to life. Chock-full of sexual metaphors and intensely pleasing gamer fantasy, this scene between Jiz and April will make you wish your screen doubled as a portal, too.

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While this single scene is $3.99, it’s worth it to become a member so you can also access my other scenes like Graphic Depictions (Stoya’s directorial debut) and Dana Vespoli’s Girl/Boy series, which challenges traditional straight porn. Since TrenchCoatX curates the works of a few alternative directors, you may also see familiar names like Morgana Muses, Aorta Films, a few CrashPad delights, and Chelsea is Femme 4 Femme.

You can also watch Gamer Girls on HotMovies.com

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Stoya’s GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS: Jiz Lee & Lily LaBeau

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn

A new video, on a new website, in a new projection as two performers, Stoya and Kayden Kross, take the producers’ role and launch TRENCHCOATx. To say I’m excited about this project is an understatement. If a business is also a form of art, the two explore their new positions with a playfulness and spontaneity reminiscent of the very nature of sexual discovery. I’m flattered to be a part of the journey, and my own scene equally went off path in search of something new.

Stoya got inside my head with Graphic Depictions. From her blog:

Jiz Lee is everything delightful about sex poured into the body of an often-naked genderqueer hero. Lily LaBeau is one of the most gorgeous creatures to ever share her vulva with the world. They’ve gazed at each other across the places they perform in for years. Now, here, they are finally coming together. And we get to watch.
Is porn reflecting life or is life reflecting porn?

The answer is both. But if we’re defining pornography as portrayals of sexual subjects for the purposes of arousal, we can’t neatly parse specific activities or habits into the separate categories of ‘sex’ and ‘pornography’. This is because all partnered sex involves observation of some kind, though not necessarily visual.

Each layer of being observed tends to bring an increase in reaction to that observation, a heightened degree of communication via moans, panting, writhing.

Have you ever masturbated alone at home with the doors locked, window coverings drawn, and lights off? If you have, I’d guess you were much more internally focused than you are when having sex with a partner.

Now add a partner to that pitch-black room. Assuming all five of your senses are functioning typically, you can smell their pheromones, taste any part of them you put your mouth on, hear them mutter unintelligible nothings or shout commands to keep going, and feel their warmth and sweat.

Take that same partner and turn the lights on: you might become more conscious of the parts of your body on display to them, and appreciative of the visual stimulation their body may provide.

Bring other people into the room: the sexual acts you’re engaged in take on a degree of performance, both for the pleasure of your audience and as something the two of you might take pleasure in—you might derive enjoyment from giving others a show.

Now imagine yourself in front of a camera and absorb the knowledge that the resulting video will be seen by unknown thousands, hopefully millions, of people: this is what working as a performer in adult videos is like.
The ways in which people have sex in pornographic videos are a natural, authentic response to all those layers of observation.

So what we have here, in this scene between Jiz and Lily, is an ouroboros of looking. They look at each other, and both know that I am looking at them. We are all aware of the crew, the camera, and the collective weight of all the eyeballs that will hopefully view the resulting video.

Also, they’re beautiful and covered in rhinestones and have sex with each other. Which is a major part of why we look at pornography, right? To watch people having sex together?


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