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I’ll tri anything once: my first triathlon!

by Jiz Lee on / Goals and Ideas

I’m doing my first triathlon! On Sunday June 8th I’ll compete in Vineman Monte Rio, an Olympic-sized event with a 1.5K swim, 40K bike, and 10K run.

What does a triathlon have to do with the sex-related things I usually post about? Well, those who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, etc… know that I value sharing my non-adult interests from time to time. While not all porn performers want to share personal parts of themselves, I think doing so can help change social perceptions about people who get involved with sex work. After all, we’re just like you. Complex individuals with passions and interests, be they scholastic pursuits, caregiving, visual or performing arts, and even hopeful new triathletes. ;-)

While on a run the other day, I got the idea to use the triathlon as a means to raise funds and awareness for sex worker health. As you may have heard, AB1576 (AKA the “Condom Law”) is currently making its way towards a Senate vote, under the false guise of “protecting” sex workers’ health. But you know who IS looking out for sex workers’ health? St. James Infirmary, a non-profit health clinic run by/for sex workers which administers HIV/STI testing and counseling services, provides advocacy, and serves marginalized communities and those who are actually at risk. I’m excited to fulfill my dream of competing in my first triathlon while supporting St. James. Help me make my goal!

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