I won “The Boundary Breaker” at the 2010 Feminist Porn Awards! If there was any award I would wish to win, this is IT!

I’m ever so SO grateful to all of the directors, producers, co-stars, and crew who know me — and by know, I mean love me — and accept who I am and trust who I am so that they film who I am and give me the opportunity to challenge myself (and often viewers) to welcome new, honest, desired, or curious exhibitions of sexuality. MY sexuality. Me. I LOVE it! Thank you so SO much!

In my acceptance speech I failed to acknowledge the obvious: thanking the Awards Ceremony, specifically Allison Lee, Carlyle Jansen and everyone one at Good For Her, which has brilliantly positioned self-empowerment within their programing for the Feminist Porn Awards.

I tweeted most of the winners the night of the ceremony, but will hold off on posting a list, as I don’t want to accidentally mess up any of the details. Good For Her will be publishing complete info soon, along with video and photos, so when they do I’ll be sure to post more. But here’s a little recreation (Photo: @hotmovies4her) from last year, with the help of Madison Young and Dylan Ryan, in honor of last year’s moment shared with Shawn aka Syd Blakovich, who wasn’t able to attend but was still there with the SF porn posse/ Queer Porn Mafia in spirit.

I’ll also be adding a few banners to my website soon to thank the amazingly HOT companies that helped me get outfitted for the Awards. Five and Diamond (fiveanddiamond.com) is a hot clothing store in San Francisco which provided the SKINGRAFT Flight Harness (Black) which I wore to both the Award ceremony and Daddy Aslan’s SWITCH Queer Porno Play Party last night. The clothes at Five and Diamond are to DROOL for, and yes, they do ship to Canada.

The Droplet Necklace, a vibrating rose gold necklace I wore and buzzed people with the night of the ceremony was gifted to me by INCOQNITO (incoqnito.com). I got to introduce a few people to vibration that night, including one sexy individual who reminded me that vibrators aren’t just for genitals — this necklace’s two petite bullet vibes can feel very stimulating on the tips of noses, lips, ears, nipples, clavicles, and more. INCOQNITO also gave me their Blade Necklace (it through the airport security check point just fine) which I gifted it to Courtney Trouble (who is also an award-winner! More info to come!). INCOQNITO, a woman-owned business, has other great items, and are just so luxurious. I felt like a star on the inside and outside, too!

Okay, more to come later! Off to go shoot for Aslan Leather — I love their harnesses! AND I get to shoot with my buddy Ignacio Rivera! *pant* *pant* *pant*