PINCH ME. Wow, I cannot believe I got to work with a huge crush of mine… Bishop Black! We had a hard time ending this scene. (I am guilty of being a ‘greedy’ performer.)

It has been a while since I’ve released a scene, but it’s worth the wait! Over the years making porn, I’ve figured out a guideline to help keep things feeling sustainable and rewarding for me. It’s been over 10 years, and I want to avoid burn out. I want to keep performing for a long time. I like being excited about each project. To keep it feeling good, I try to work with directors whose content I’m familiar with so I know what to expect, and with co-stars I’ve had a chance to meet in person so we can establish chemistry. I’d like my on-screen sexuality to be as close as possible to my own, including gender presentation — which is easier said than done! So it was a great pleasure to be able to work with Bishop for Bright Desire director Ms. Naughty, and to negotiate everything from equal pay rates to safer sex and what we wanted to do on camera. I’m happy with the outcome — not only because it reminds me why I’m glad to have this ‘rule’ and why I love filming sex — but also for the gorgeous ‘lightening in a bottle’ moment of connection we captured. Here’s a peek…

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THE CRUSH: Jiz Lee and Bishop Black


Director: Ms Naughty
Stars: Jiz Lee and Bishop Black

Jiz Lee fulfills a fantasy their crush Bishop Black. The pair clearly are eager to jump each other’s bones, kissing and playfully wrestling, getting a feel for each others’ bodies. After a bit of grinding, Bishop brings Jiz to the first of their many orgasms via clitoral stimulation. Then there’s a whole bunch of fisting fun and some messing around with massage techniques, all helping “greedy” Jiz to come over and over again. When it’s Bishop’s turn, Jiz gives an expert handjob before they enjoy some intense penis-in-vagina sex. Then Jiz enjoys even more orgasms (this will appear as a bonus extra). The chemistry between Bishop and Jiz was incredible, they were so keen for each other, and it was difficult to know when to call a halt to the scene; they would have gone all day if we’d let them.