I love Midwest Teen Sex Show and everytime a new video comes up, it’s like a birthday card in the mail.


What’s the best part about this episode? It has got to be when Brittany opens the door and meets “Dave’s Penis” face-to-face. He’s turned down by “Brittany’s Vagina” and rejected, is about to show himself out when a third character appears… wearing a trucker hat. (And looking deliciously butch) “Don’t forget about me.” She says.

“I didn’t know you were available.” Dave’s Penis replies.

“I’m flexible…” Brittany’s Anus insists.

Little known fact about lots of dyke size queens… when they cruise for guys and have the occasional hook up, those small dicks (especially compared to large dildos and fists) are the perfect size for asses. Thanks MTSS for including that short but hilarious section in this episode. Go there now to watch the film, and give them $5. It’s cheaper than a BJ.