The Ultimate Surrender

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn

I’ve been to a few live tapings of the tag team competitions of Ultimate Surrender. Affectionately called US by cast and crew, it’s a nude female wrestling website run by consisting of four rounds where the first three rack up the score totals by control points and actual technique, style points by ‘humiliating… or distracting’ your opponent by licking their face or smothering them with tits, or even fingering them, and rough points which I don’t think I’ve witnessed yet but I’m sure they have to do with attitude and talking smack. Points are tallied to determine the winner, who (out of breath) will fuck the looser ‘anyway she wants’ though usually that means a formulaic series of positions that involve a strap-on and hitachi. The looser usually ends up coming, so either way it’s a win-win.

UltimateSurrender is also somewhat of an interest to queers because it demands the actual athletic talents of it’s models, and tends to attract somewhat butch looking female models. (By butch, I mean comparative to mainstream websites… most of them wouldn’t put a blip on your gaydar, though a handful, like my partner Syd Blakovich, are undenyably gay.

Syd is the site’s reigning tournament champ and I have a fantasy of training behind Syd’s back and then being paired with her — under some ridiculous name like “The Scorpion King” — and once out on the mat, KICKING HER ASS.

Granted, a fantasy like that might take a couple years to actualize. I mean, she’s got quite a few years of real life training and competition on me.

If I were to do any site, I have to say it’d be UltimateSurrender. (There have been others —, and With you’ve got the competitive edge — complete with embarrassment/degradation of failing if you loose. I think I could get into that. And I love wrestling.

Sitting in the audiences watching the live shoots, I watch for technique, and imagine how I would totally take down someone like Ariel X (who I imagine to be about my size though a bit taller). I’d have it a different way though. For one, I’d only do the shoot if there was a queer ref. One of the shoots I attended was refereed by Vendetta. (Some of you might recognize her as my voyeur partner from The Crash Pad). She was a FANTASTIC ref, and immediately I wanted to sign up. When one of the models sat out due to a prior shoulder injury, Vendetta jumped in to take her place. Tomcat helped out by taking Vendetta’s place as ref, and I’d be happy to have him be the ref as well. However I don’t think I could shoot with the current referee Matt… the dynamic I see happen isn’t something I’d feel comfortable with.

Before the competition started, referee Matt announced “Basically, this is a rape site under the guise of wrestling.” Um… say what?

I’ll speak to the ‘rape’ bit in  a minute, but first I have to say that I don’t agree. Even in the on-screen narrative of the competition, both contenders know the consequences if they loose. This makes it known to be consensual. If ‘rape’ is this ref’s fantasy, it’s not one I share for this site.

The ‘consensual’ rape, which is in play on many of Kink’s sites is in concept a perceived force and humiliation, and all the other good things that come with role-playing and porn portrayed fantasy of such power dynamics. For me and many other viewers, what Matt said sounded a little … well … wrong. If you’re going to lightly throw the word out there, do it correctly. Let’s just say that the casual (and  improper) usage triggered me. And I wasn’t the only one in the audience to cock my head and go “huh… “. To me, ‘rape’ is a four-letter word. The personal histories of so many women through positions ranging from forced marriage to military strategy in the past and present times makes a casual usage of the word no laughing matter. I’m curious what the site’s largely male audience thought of the statement. Does hearing it make them excited? Let us also not forget that sexual assault also occurs among lesbian relationships. The ‘girl on girl’ wrestling isn’t rape, but consensual forced fucking. Behind the scenes, the models on the site outline what activities they are okay with and which they are not, right down to the girth of the dildo worn by the winners. On camera, they boast about how hard they’d fuck the looser when they win.

Knowing the stakes excites me.

Give me Vendetta as Ref and let me keep my crotch hair (shaved short) and I’m good as game.

Jiz Lee

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