The Verdict: LASIK is awesome!

by Jiz Lee on / Goals and Ideas

After years of courting the idea of getting LASIK, and of saving and saving to make room in my budget for the procedure (which isn’t covered by most health insurance companies), I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my porn-paid vision with LASIK eye surgery. The procedure was quick and painless, though I admit I was scared — who isn’t afraid of a laser pointed in their eye? (I was so nervous, that I stayed away from looking up videos on YouTube until AFTER the fact. I’m glad I did, as it’s not for the faint of heart.)

Being awake and conscious during the procedure was very surreal. My eyes were numbed and my eyelids secured so that I could not blink. My cornea was sliced and pulled back, the laser work was done and then the flap replaced so that healing could occur. While the laser was working, I smelled an odor that I could describe as a “burning” smell. While the laser was working, I stared at a single green light, which became quite a light show — it was very sci-fi. The final cleaning of the eye felt straight out of Being John Malkovich. I could see a swab smooth over my eye as if it were wiping down a glass pane.

Eye shields were taped to my face and with sunglasses on, I was sent home to recover. I’m grateful for my friend AMQ who came with me and helped me back to my bed where I passed out for about four hours. I’m also grateful to Courtney Trouble who stopped by after I had woken up to bring me spring rolls. She took this photo:

I’m also grateful for Mz. Berlin who talked to me on the phone as I made my final decision about choosing the surgery, to Dallas from Babeland who also sent me advice, and to many supporters who gave me encouragement. And as I mentioned in previous posts, I’m incredibly grateful for sex work and the adult industry which has funded my savings so that I could have this procedure done at an outstanding vision institute by one of the most recognized doctors in the nation, who happens to be female and who is a leader in the field. I’m so grateful for my vision, and am looking forward to finishing up (a very speedy) healing process consisting of many eye drop solutions and the above shields at night. I love my sight!

Jiz Lee

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Where do you find the bravery to deal with sliced and burning eyeballs? Gah! and Agh! Impressive.



Glad to hear your LASIK surgery went well. I wish you a speedy healing process. How long does it take to heal from the surgery ? It would be eyeronic( sorry bad joke) if in the future they had you wearing glasses for future film/video projects. Speaking of that can you go back to working with the type of bright lighting that is used for photo shoots and film/video or do you have to avoid that for a time ? At any rate it is good to hear that everything went well. Again I wish you a speedy healing process.



I’m so happy that you’re pleased with your decision and the results. And I’m really happy those lovely
eyes of yours are healthy and injury free. Congratulations!


Hey! Long time girl! I think its awesome that you got lasik, get well soon, lady!!!

ps, I laughed at your bad joke 🙂


J.D. Bauchery

Congrats! Glad it went so well for you! I am thoroughly freaked out by eye stuff, but your description of the procedure made it seem not as scary. That whole cornea thing makes me squirm a little though. Anyway, congrats again! See you and your newly improved eyes in a few weeks!


Jiz Lee

Thank you Jo, Angry, Ted, WorkinProgress, Erin, Amber and JD!
I’m completely healed now and I’m so glad I did it!

Ted to answer your question about healing, it was SO fast. The photo shoot I did at the Center for Sex and Culture was done 4 days after, lights are not a problem at all. 🙂
Amber, thank you for appreciating my humor, haha! JD see you very very soon!

It still blows my mind every day that I am now living with 20/20 vision.


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