Top Ten Reasons I Love the Eleven

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

I LOVE my Eleven, a phatty metal double sided dong from NJoy that I got from Babeland. Yey. I just finished a Sex Toy Review about it for OurChart, but you know, I don’t think I’ve quite said all I want to say about it yet.

Here’s my Top Ten Reasons (right now) why I Love the Eleven [aka a $300 + dildo that is worth it’s weight, and every penny]

1. The ‘This Is Spinal Tap” reference. It’s heavy metal. Get it?

For all of you in the dark about what that means:

2. The fact that it can double as a baton or club or some kind of heavy weapon that could totally fuck someone up. And not in a sex toy kind of way.

3. The mirror finish is amazingly gorgeous. You can gaze at the reflection of yourself, your lover, your lover’s thighs as they wrap around the wide steel… mirrors are hot.

The NJoy Eleven Metal Dildo Heavy

4. Temperature play — it’s really cold! But after you take it out, it is amazingly hot — steaming, even. *sigh* Our bodies are… amazing.

5. Okay this one’s gonna sound a little wrong… well, the larger end reminds me of a door knob and there’s this terrible joke about someone fucking a doornob in the blackout that I can’t quite remember but the visual has stuck with me all these years. And for that reason I now think that fucking a doornob could be hot, and that this toy is the answer to that unfullfilled quest.

6.  I love the way the shiny mirror surface gets clouded with cum. And if you try to turn the toy around and go at it on the other side, it’s ridiculously slippery. Which makes me laugh.

7. I know for a fact that this would not make it as a carry-on at the airport. No doubt about it. And yet I’m so tempted to try, and settle the weapon/dildo debate.

8.  I cannot fit the larger end in my mouth. (I had to try.) It’s a rock solid 2″ wide so now I officially know my limit.

9.  Dimensions, dimensions, dimensions: (Ever so cutely graphed.)

Njoy Eleven Dimensions

10. This is my first metal dildo. And as a size queen, that makes me happy.

Jiz Lee

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Man, it seems like everyone is singing this thing’s praises . . . I’m so jealous. Even if I had the money, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t honestly justify the cost to myself. Sigh. Use it well, lucky one!


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