Toys R Us

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

Two new toys I thought I’d share.

First, I just acquired another dick. Buck is nearly 2 inches thick and a very considerate 6″ long. You know, even though getting hammered on your cervix has it’s days, sometimes you just want to get slammed to the hilt and be able to breath the next day. (If the later sounds like your cup of tea, one word: Outlaw.) Neither of those babies ain’t got nothin on Dick Ho. ; )

Cock RingSecond, a NEW TRICK! Who said vibrating cock rings are just for dudes. Fuck that. You can slip them on dildos and grind away, OR, sport them as bracelets for fisting fun (twist towards clit or asshole, depending on your angle or preference). Works fine with three or four fingers, just turn the vibe to the web of your hand. You can also keep the ring clutched around your fingers as you fist for some nice subtle internal vibration. Note this is pussy hole (crotch hole) vibration. Not anal. My ass already ate a glass plug, no way in hell I’d put one of the rings in there. So far I’ve only tried a cheaper disposable ring, however I’m sure a larger bullet vibe would only be better; and double-vibe cock rings are probably off the hook! Here’s some vibrating cock rings.

Pssst… if you’re wondering why I’m linking to Babeland, it’s because I’m part of their affiliate program. Besides being a great dyke owned company, they’re pretty nice about sharing the wealth — you buy a toy through one of my links, I get a percentage of the proceeds. Not a bad deal! Check out the other toy stores linked with a heart to support me through your dirty perversions!

Jiz Lee

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Jiz Lee

I just got my first Affilate check from Babeland! Whoohooo!
Thanks people who clicked through my site and bought something from them.

I hope it was as good for you as it was for me! ; )


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