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I’m brainstorming transwomen pornstars and studios who are conscious about the way transwomen are represented. I’m sure there must be some out there… but unfortunately many must be buried under titles of “shemale” and “chicks with dicks”.

Julie is a hot goth transwomyn who is featured on and in the dvd release Crash Pad Series Volume 2 in a scene she does with alt star Michelle Aston. She’s post-op (and with natural breasts) which I gather is particularly rare in porn.

Someone who hasn’t been in (yet?) but who is a great performer goes by Pepper! on and as “Elise Thorn” who “likes tranny chasing her own body” on

…Who else is out there?

Being generally leery of offensive crapola, I usually stay away from the category. But lately, talking to folks about creating good trans female porn (short but necessary plug: if you’re a transwoman looking to get into the porn business, or try it out, one of the best companies is Pink & White Productions — apply to model in!)

One transwoman pornstar is Vaniity, who is working in the business and who I have seen in an interactive film called Up Close and Virtual With Vaniity. She’s also been in terribly titled videos such as “transsexual prostitutes”… not because prostitution is terrible, but the constant association of sex workers and transexual women is such a stereotype. (I’m thinking of many mtf identified folks who have horror stories of walking late at night and being accosted by police simply because they were recognized as being trans. Police shouldn’t be harassing transwomen, nor should they harass sex workers.) Anyhow, sometimes in the industry, you do a film without even knowing the title or where the footage will end up. Mika Tan speaks to that with the genre “Asian” porn. She’s hired to do a film, and then the content is sold and compiled and boxed up in ways not in her control. But she’s very focal about the subject of exploited fetishes with Asian American women in porn. In interviews from Afrodite Superstar, Revay peaks of her experience as an African American pornstar trying to stay away from the type of films that further stereotype black women’s sexuality. There’s a lot to be said about gender empowerment in porn, and little by little, I’ll try to say more.

In the meantime, I dig Vaniity’s assertive open-mindedness. Here’s her myspace.
She’d love our support and friendly hellos.

Jiz Lee

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Ian Sparks

I just started brainstorming with our great sex education writer, and Crash Pad Series veteran (Dorian there) about working with a focus group of Trans Women for a rewrite of our “First Timers Guide for Having Sex with a ….” which originally was in “Couch Surfers”. For the time being, it will be a stand alone resource, but if/when Trannywood is able to film with a Trans Woman, it probably will be included.

Jiz Lee

Ian that’s incredible news!
The guide Trannywood Pictures uses is an amazing resource. I’d love to see a video out there that’s kind of the “opposite” (though I’m opposed to binary systems) of Trannywood’s previous films — Transwomen and “biological” women. (Geez can you tell I don’t like these labels!)

I think that it would be educational and empowering for many Transwomen, and validating to a lot of people, which sounds like it’s aligned with Trannywood. It also sounds like another way to connect what tends to be an often disconnected community of trans folk. Kudos!

I’d love to see more trans women work with Pink & White. A gorgeous friend of mine is interested… but it’s a hard bridge to cross. Goes to show that performing is a feat of radical activism in itself.

Ian Sparks

One of my friends, who’s a trans woman, applied for our first film, since she’s gender queer and often read as punk male even after lots of surgeries…but the casting didn’t work. She’s definitely someone we may cast in the future, and definitely part of a focus group.


Thanks for this post. I just shot a scene for the The Transwoman Porn Project. Tobi gave a beautiful and hot performance with her scene partner. They’re shooting several more scenes this year and have expressed serious interest in The Crash Pad Series.


Hell yes to some real, authentic, and most of all, queer, transwomen porn. I’m always very torn between wanting to support great trans porn gals like Gia Darling, etc., who seem super cool, and yet who also raise my heckles at how mainstream they really feel, and often how inauthentic.

And of course, I’d like to see more post-op transwomen, and especially girls in various stages of transition (i.e. women who have had orchidectomies but not full bottom surgery, etc.). But then again, I feel the same about transmen porn in that sense- I’d like to see a wider range of transition, especially breaking that first and showing a phalloplasty or guys with balls. Hmmm.

But yeah. We need to break through the barrier . . . I’d like to see a transwoman behind the camera, making queer transwoman porn. Although that certainly doesn’t guarantee control over how things are packaged and sold, it certainly helps.

I’d actually like to know a lot more about The Transwoman Porn Project, fivestar.

Jiz Lee

Fivestar! Sqwwweeeee!
Thanks for sharing info about Tobi (I missed her reading at the Center for Sex & Culture, darn it). And… there’s something out there called The Transwoman Porn Project? Please tell us more! Puhleaze!!!

(Your comment got me so excited I’m making up words like Sqwwweeeeee and typing Puhleaze. I’m literally bouncing in my seat. Thank you!)



Fivestar pointed me here and I can tell you a bit more. Some of the ideas/perspective/mission of the project you can read at

I’m going to film the rest of the scenes just after Camp Trans (most of my talent will be gathered there). Then I’ve got some folks who will work on editing and I hope to have a completed product by the end of 2008. I’ve got a potential distributor, depending, of course, on if they like what they see.

I’ve been trying to pull something like this together for a couple years now and am quite happy to have completed shooting the first scene. As for surgical status, the scenes are still up in the air a bit, but I can tell you that there will likely be a scene with two post-op women. And I’m post-orchi. Range and diversity in just about every category I could think about has been important to me, but also, it’s hard to represent everything when you’ve got a cast of around 10-12 people.

I have high hopes for this film, and will be doing a lot more publicity (and asking for help doing publicity) when it’s more toward complete.

Jiz Lee

How awesome, Tobi!

Thank you for sharing information about the project here, and I *HOPE* you’ll ask us all for help with publicity when the time comes, good luck filming the rest of the scenes at Camp Trans. I’d love to hear how it goes in the production stages, and, I definitely agree with you on the challenges of representation. Keep up the good work!

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