Vintage Kink & Fetish Antiques from Inverted Eye

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Sex Toys

My friend Alix Izen is the owner of Inverted Eye, one of the most delicious vintage stores in the world. I’m serious.

I’m a fan of antiques. Though by no means an expert, I have a fetish for the look of old wood and metal, the design of early models of tools and gadgets, and the ‘old fashion’ roles that went along with them.

For example: Medical, Mistress, Daddy, Teacher, Sailor, Barber, Burlesque/Flapper/Vaudeville, and my personal kink: Equestrian-lover. (I used to ride.)

Suzanne Forbes Inverted Eye Alix Izen

Image by Suzanne Forbes of Alix Izen’s Inverted Eye booth at Folsom

Alix sent me an email recently promoting some of the toys sold at the store and says it best: “Instead of resorting to predictable flowers or chocolates, take the time to choose an extraordinary present from the Inverted Eye.”

Go and check out the website — it’s REALLY fun to click around, this page is my favorite:

And if you’re in the mood for V-Day Shopping, take a look at this treat:
Butt Paddle

Butter Paddle with Cut Out Heart Design

Jiz Lee

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