Working Hard for the Money – Labor Day Sales

by Jiz Lee on / Sex Toys

Wanted to share some sales that are happening this weekend in the world of sex… my highlights anyhow. These are good for the entire weekend.

Babeland is having (up to) 70% off staff picks. There’s some pretty sweet ones in there including many double-ended dildos such as the Share XL, the Feeldoe (RED color only), and a shimmery silver Nexus. There’s also Trannywood’s Gay & Trans DVD Cubbyholes, which, if you haven’t watched it VOD, or you just want to hold a copy of your own, do it! Trannywood Pictures is THE source for gay trans guy stuff out there, and they’ve also got great ethics. (On a related note: new comer to masculine/masculine porn is sihas a flick, Lansing Raw, on VOD. You can also catch 2 of these guys, Leo and Q, on

Good Vibrations is having a 20% off sale, so now would be the time to get a harness, a vixskin dildo or njoy Metal toy, or one of the DVDs from their new QUEER PORN Section! Or, you know, stock up on lube. I just got the Luna Beads and tried them out at Yoga. I have to say, they’re pretty fun… so I included a post-workout picture. Yeah, that’s cream.

Jiz Lee

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Oh! Post-workout photo. Wow 🙂

I don’t understand how noone commented on that, and decided I had to, as it’s such a commentworthy pic.


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