About Jiz Lee

Jiz Lee has performed in porn for over a decade, appearing in more than 200 projects from six countries spanning independent erotic films and hardcore gonzo pornography. A versatile performer and key player in the queer porn movement, Jiz has been the recipient of multiple AVN and XBiz Award industry nominations and Feminist Porn Awards, and in 2015 was named an honoree of The Trans 100. (Jiz is non-binary, publicly coming out as genderqueer/nonbinary in 2010, and uses the neutral pronouns they/them.)

Jiz works behind the scenes at Pink & White Productions (CrashPadSeries.com, PinkLabel.tv) and fundraises for LGBTQ and sex worker-focused organizations through their erotic philanthropic Karma Pervs art project. They’ve presented on porn at institutions including Princeton University, Stanford, Williams, the American Studies Association Conference, Wonderlust Helsinki (awarded by the Finnish Association for Sexology), was an invited 2020 speaker at the Conference on World Affairs, and have been featured on MSNBC, Fox News, the BBC, G4TV, and proudly, Lifehacker.

Performing in porn opened up a lot of opportunities, one of the least anticipated being writing. In 2007, Jiz launched JizLee.com, a blog to chronicle their adventures in the adult industry. Their writing has since appeared in The Feminist Porn Book, Best Sex Writing, OUT Magazine, and Jezebel.com, among other publications. In 2015, they released Coming Out Like a Porn Star, an anthology of essays by adult film industry workers on the social stigma of sex work. They were the co-editor of the Porn Studies Journal Special Issue: Porn and Labour and a contributor to Global Internet Society Watch 2015: Sexual Rights and the Internet. Jiz is now an Editorial Board Member of the Porn Studies Journal and a co-editor Trans Bodies Trans Selves (2nd edition).

When not working in porn, Jiz trains for triathlons.

Media Basics:

Gender Pronouns: “They/Them” (ie: “They wrote a book about their experience.”)
(Jiz identifies within non-binary gender as aGender or genderqueer meaning (for them) that they feel neutral, or between male and female genders. A common journalist mistake: please refrain from using female pronouns (she/her) or words such as woman, lesbian, actress, female, lady, or girl. Instead, use epicene pronouns they/them/themself/their) and seek gender-neutral descriptions.

Major Social Networks: Twitter @jizlee | Instagram (@JizLee)

Preferred contact is email: Jiz @ JizLee .com


“In the absence of comprehensive sex education, people use porn to learn about sex — what sex looks like, who gets to have it, and what it means to be sexy. On its own, that’s fine. But a limited example of what porn is has the danger in dictating what’s ‘normal’, raising issues in our understanding of sexual health, and also our sexual psyche. Diversity in porn lets us find ourself in the erotic landscape, proving we are ALL capable and deserving of love.”
– Jiz Lee

“Be the PORN you wish to see in the world.” And, also: “BUY the porn you wish to see in the world.”
– Jiz Lee (and, you know, Mahatma Gandhi)

– – –

“Queer Porn Legend.”
– The Daily Beast

“Androgynous Gender Warrior.”
– Fleshbot

“The best name in the business.”
– Jenna Jameson

“One of the major stars of the ‘queer porn’ set, Jiz Lee possesses a rare sexual je ne sais quoi.”
– Steve Javors, AVN Magazine

“Jiz is neither a ‘she’ nor a ‘he.’ Jiz is Jiz, and refuses to be identified by gender pronouns, or be recognized as female or male. It forces people to think when they address Jiz, and this raised a question for me: How do we self-identify? Do we leave it up to society, or do we demand society recognize us on our own terms? I have an enormous amount of admiration for Jiz, who chooses the latter.” – Dana Vespoli in AVN Magazine

“The emergence of Feminist Porn into popular culture can be attributed in some part to a group of remarkable performers who thrust their reputations, their sex appeal and their politics into the limelight. When very few people were making and producing queer porn, this year’s boundary breaker was out in public: blogging, performing and having sex with purpose. Starting their career with an ejaculation scene that knocked the concept of the facial cumshot on its ass… and continuing today to push the limits of gender and sexuality representation in porn, this years ‘Boundary Breaker of the Year’ goes to JIZ LEE.”
– Good For Her, Feminist Porn Awards 2010, presented by Lucas Silveira of The Cliks


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2019 XBiz Europa Awards “International Crossover Star of the Year” Nominee
2017 XBiz Awards “Mainstream Crossover Star of the Year” Nominee
2017 AVN Awards Crossover Star of the Year Nominee
2015 PorYes European Feminist Porn Award Winner
2015 Honoree of “The Trans 100”
2015 Feminist Porn Awards Most Tantalizing Trans Scene
2015 Feminist Porn Awards Sexiest Star Feature
2015 AVN Nominated Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene*
2014 AVN Nominated Best Safe(r) Sex Scene
2013 Feminist Porn Awards Heartthrob of the Year Winner
2012 AVN Awards Nominated Best All-Girl Group Scene and Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene*
2012 Feminist Porn Award’s Best Website
2011 AVN Awards Nominated Girl/Girl scene and All-Girl Sex Scene*
Curve Magazine’s 2010 New Sex Culture Curator Finalist
Fleshbot’s 2010 Top 10 Crushable Objects
Violet Blue’s #7 Top 10 Sexy Geeks 2010
2010 Feminist Porn Awards “Boundary Breaker” Winner
2010 AVN Awards Nominated Best New Web Star
2009 Top Hot Butches
Violet Blue’s Top 10 Sexy Geek 2009 Honorable Mention
2006 Feminist Porn Awards’ Hottest Dyke Sex Scene*

*Please note that Jiz does not identify as a “girl” despite the industry’s award category.

Bio – The Longer Version… a work in process… 

With an ejaculation scene that knocked the concept of the facial cumshot on its ass, Jiz Lee unloaded into the revolutionary world of queer porn and adult cinema. One of the adult industry’s early out genderqueer Porn stars, Jiz prefers the gender-neutral pronouns “they/them” — or none at all — and is known for having a unique androgynous look, honest and genuine performances, and a fun, positive view about sex. Jiz appears in award-winning films from around the world including United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany and has worked in over 200 projects with independent filmmakers as well as large studio productions.

Jiz’s career started in 2005 with Shine Louise Houston’s film debut The Crash Pad (Pink & White Productions) which was awarded the Feminist Porn Awards’ Best Dyke Sex Scene 2006. Jiz stared in Houston’s 2009 film CHAMPION, awarded Feminist Porn’s “Movie of the Year” and nominated “Best Video Feature” in the AVN Awards. Other films include queer-meets-mainstream hit Belladonna’s Strapped Dykes, and numerous titles by Courtney Trouble, works with Digital Playground’s Cherry 2 and Joanna Angel’s Doppleganger, the ecosexual outdoors film Dangerous Curves, in sexual education films by Tristan Taormino/VIVID Ed, and with feminist director Bobbi Starr. International works include BIODILDO (Germany, Feminist Porn Award’s Best Short Film), Cheryl Dunye’s raunch-comedy crossover MOMMY IS COMING (Germany), Dear Jiz (Canada, by Australian filmmaker Louise Lush), and with Australia’s Liandra Dahl and sex worker activist powerhouse Zahra Stardust. Recent films include transgressive gonzo Girl/Boy with Manuel Ferrara by director Dana Vespoli and Jiz Lee’s VOiD on the indie adult hub PinkLabel.tv with Justify My Jiz with bad boy co-star Wolf Hudson. 

Lee has appeared under various pseudonyms including “Gauge”, “Kaltes Klaris Wasser (Vasa)”, and “Beau Flex”, and has appeared in documentaries about pornography including Here!TV’s Lesbian Sex and Sexuality Documentary Porn Today: Pushing the Limits, Logo, PINK TV (France), and the Kink.com Behind Kink exposé on Pink and White Productions.

Notable mentions include 100 Top Hot Butches, Curve Magazine’s 69 Sexiest Lesbians Alive, Fleshbot’s 2010 Top Ten Crushable Objects, and perhaps the most humbling, Violet Blue’s Top Ten Sexy Geeks 2010. Honors include multiple Feminist Porn Awards including 2010 “Boundary Breaker” and 2013 “Heartthrob of the Year.” AVN Nominations include 2010 Best New Web Starlet (that year Jiz walked the red carpet packing an 8 1/2″ cock) and in 2011 “Best Girl/Girl Scene” with Madison Young and Nic Switch and in 2012 “Best Girl/Girl Performance” with Andy San Dimas. In 2019, Jiz received a cross-over nomination from XBiz Europa for their film performances produced in Berlin.

As an artist, Jiz holds a B.A. in Dance and an extensive background in performance art including collaboration as one-half of the explicit duo twincest (RIP), and performing at venues such as the SF Asian Art Museum, the deYoung, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Femina Potens, and CounterPULSE. For several semesters, Jiz served as an Independent Studies Adviser at California College of the Arts. Jiz’s modeling work includes posing at Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School as Jack the Ripper with co-star Stoya and posing as Spider Jerusalem in a Transmet Tribute with co-star Ryan Keely which appears in the documentary Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts. Jiz played the role of “Talon” in Tylyn Anson’s short film If Not Now, and appears in Sam Berliner’s underwater short film, FLOAT. In 2015, Jiz played the role of “Pony” in Seasons 2 and 3 of Amazon’s Emmy Award-winning show Transparent. Jiz also starred in the music video FRACTAL by Kim Boekbinder, and as the Twins in The Residents’ rock opera collaboration with John Sanborn God In Three Persons that premiered in 2020 at the New York Museum of Modern Art. 

With a background in web advocacy and arts management, Jiz is also a philanthropist and created the erotic photography project Karma Pervs that has raised over $7800 benefiting sex-positive, queer and kink-friendly non-profit organizations including Stop AIDS Project, St. James Infirmary, and the Center for Sex & Culture. Jiz has been a featured PORNSAINT and has also modeled for New Lesbian Sex Book 3rd Edition with photos by Shilo McCabe, and is an illustrated character in Michelle Tea and Laurenn McCubben’s RENT GIRL. Jiz appeared on the cover of CURVE MAGAZINE’s Jan/Feb 2014 Issue.

As a writer, Jiz has contributed to Aorta Magazine, Good Vibrations Magazine, Jezebel.com, and other publications as well as blogging on JizLee.com. They are a contributor of The Feminist Porn Book and the creator and editor of the anthology Coming Out Like a Porn Star. Jiz has been a guest lecturer and panelist at Princeton University, American Studies Association, CINEKINK, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Mills College, Evergreen State, Scripps College, Stanford University, Smith, Williams College, Grand Rapids, Denison University, University of Toronto, was an invited 2020 speaker at the Conference on World Affairs, and many more, and also sexual education centers such as San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) Commercial Sex Panel, the Center for Sex & Culture, Long Beach LGBT Center, Writers With Drinks, SXSW, Berlin Porn Film Festival, and CUCCI’s Educator’s Training in Los Angeles. Topics range from ethical pornography, queer sex tips & techniques, impact play, strap-on sex, fisting, female ejaculation, queer visibility in pornography, Jiz’s own experience in the adult industry, and other subjects.

In 2011, Jiz joined forces with director Courtney Trouble to create International Fisting Day in effort to bring awareness to the industry’s distribution censorship of vaginal fisting, releasing a scene in the film Live Sex Show shot at the Masturbate-a-Thon with co-star Nina Hartley. Lee is an advocate of fisting, and of uncensored consensual sex.

In 2014, Jiz began working full-time behind the scenes as the Marketing Director of Pink & White Productions (CrashPadSeries.comPinkLabel.tv). Jiz was the Associate Producer of Shine Louise Houston’s SNAPSHOT and 1st Assistant Director on Chemistry Eases the Pain.

Jiz is the co-editor of the special issue of the Porn Studies Journal: Porn and Labour. And is a current member of the Porn Studies Journal Editorial Board. They are also an editor of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves (2nd edition).  Ever fascinated by the radical potential of sex, love, and art, Jiz runs a personal blog about sex work as a medium for social activism at JizLee.com.