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Heretical Fates Art Book & Tarot Deck

by Jiz Lee on / Art, Books, Erotica & Anthologies

I’ve had the great pleasure of quite literally jumping into Heretical Fates Art Book & Tarot Deck, a new project by photographer Allan Amato and mystic dream team Danika XIX, JAW Cooper, and Lauren Panepinto.

Here’s a reveal of just one of two book/card images in which I’ll appear. On the right is the art page image for the book, and on the left is the Eight of Wands tarot card that will be part of the deck. (How fun to be part of a card set!)

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the Tarot, though I have had a reading once and appreciate the application that brings awareness to ones life. So I looked it up. The Eight of Wands card suggests movement and action. How fitting! The design shows eight sprouting wands, sailing through the air; their flight suggests change and travel. In the background, a river flows freely. What does it mean for me to be to dodge these wands? To appear against the grain? That’s a big symbolic as well. Or perhaps it’s best left up to interpretation. 

The process of photographing this shot was a fun challenge. I have a modern dance background, and while I wouldn’t call myself skilled at ballet, I have had a few years of study. This move required to capture this shot resembles a tours en l’air, jumping in place with a 360 spin, modified arms in a protective pose, tight and turning body avoiding those sharp blades.

The second image I appear in will be revealed soon. In the meantime, PRE-ORDER the book and tarot deck through its Kickstarter campaign, which is very close to meeting its first stretch goal!

Pre-order here!

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2018 Limited Edition Jiz Lee Holiday Card Designed by Lucy Everleigh

Thanks for a year of book love and support for my passions. I’m thrilled to reveal this year’s limited edition holiday card — designed by Lucy Everleigh and based on an original photograph by Rae Threat. I’d love to send one to you!

3 Ways to Get a Card in the Mail

1. Buy a card or anything from my store

I created a web store to sell my anthology Coming Out Like a Porn Star and other books. Get one directly from me and I’ll include a free card.


2. Pay for Your Porn

Now is the time to subscribe to or and support my day job at Pink & White Productions. Watch my videos — or hundreds of other LGBTQ+ porn performers — while financially supporting diverse sexual cinema.

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To claim: sign up via the links above and email your subscription confirmation to along with your mailing address. 

3. Donate to a Good Cause

Make a contribution over $25. Organizations listed here are US tax deductible:

>> Center for Sex & Culture
>> St. James Infirmary
>> Trans Lifeline
>> TGI Justice Project
>> OR donate to a cause of your choice and let me know why you value it!

To claim: donate and send your contribution confirmation to along with your mailing address.

Thank you for all the various ways you contribute to the things I value. I appreciate your orders of books, your support of my porn passions, and your donations to organizations that strive to make our world a better place. Thanks for keeping me going! ~Jiz

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