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Wet Dreams: Jiz Lee & Lyric Seal

by Jiz Lee on / Queer Porn

About two years ago, I spoke at Smith College and afterwards, met someone who would reignite within me a passion for performance, artful sex, and creative embodiment: Lyric Seal. Fast-forward and Lyric is blowing up on CrashPad and we’re on porn-date #2, scheming ideas for our collaboration for Trouble Film’s upcoming movie, Wet Dreams. We — Lyric especially — had a lot of grandiose ideas for the shoot, but we ended up with Lyric’s vision of filming within an elevator shaft. In their own words:

“Once in high school I had a horrific experience of being trapped in a very small, very old elevator for an hour at my school. Cops had to drag me out by my arms (I don’t like cops) and the front page of our county newspaper read, “GIRL IN WHEELCHAIR EXTRICATED FROM ELEVATOR.” Humiliating. So I thought, what if I was with someone really cool and hot when that elevator stopped? What if I knew and loved my body? What if I got to have sex I like to have with my strange queer crip body, and when the elevator starts working again, I didn’t even notice? What if the headline read, “GIRL IN WHEELCHAIR GIVES ORAL SEX.” I wouldn’t say that’s a particular fetish, but it is a way I am taking back my memories, and owning my survival, rather than letting trauma own me. And duh I got to have sex with one of my best friends and porn crush, Jiz Lee, so that’s a dream right there.”

Description: What if we could turn places of trauma into places of pleasure? What if we could close our eyes and dream, what if sound guided us through our fantasies? What if our heart beats were louder than halting stops, if we were open to love in scary places? In Going Here, Lyric and Jiz explore the edges of danger, public sex, experimentation, and lust. This exclusive excerpt from Courtney Trouble’s upcoming film Wet Dreams is about letting our fantasies take over all else.

Stars: Jiz Lee & Lyric Seal

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